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As one of the longest standing alternative fuel system manufacturers in the United States, A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems can diagnose and repair any CNG or LPG fuel system on the market. A-1's team of ASE master technicians and safety inspectors are here to help get your vehicles back on the road.

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First Call

A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems understands that providing a quality product goes well beyond the initial sale. We pride ourselves on having the industry's only "First Call Policy". As part of our warranty and support services, we provide our customers with a direct line to contact our technical support team - free of charge. Rather than point fingers, A-1 encourages our customers to make A-1 their first call when there is an issue with your alternative fueled vehicle. Regardless of what the issue is, our technical support staff will work with our customers to diagnose the issue over the phone - whether it is fuel system related or not. Once the issue is identified, we will either direct your mechanics on how to repair the issue or direct you to our network of maintenance and repair facilities located across North America.




 If we discover that your issue is not a fuel system related issue, our certified technical support staff will direct you to not only the appropriate company but also the appropriate person to resolve your issue. At A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems, we understand that getting in touch with the appropriate person can be half the battle to getting your vehicle back on the road. Additionally, as part of our "Last Call Policy", we offer our continued support even after we have referred our customer to the responsible party for the warranty/failure. An open ticket will remain with our technical support team and we will continue to follow-up with our customer and other vendor until the issue is resolved.

Last Call

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Tune Up


  • On-site training at your location or at one of A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems manufacturing facilities. 

  • Each fuel system comes with a dedicated owners manual which includes step-by-step training material, diagrams, and pictures

  • All training material is available in digital form

  • New technicians? Give us a call and we will send out a technician to provide hands on tutorials 

  • Need assistance while making a repair? Give us a call and one of our technicians will walk you through the process step-by-step


  • A-1 is a one stop shop for all alternative fuel parts

  • Order your replacement parts online through our new store or by calling our parts department at 559-485-4427 EXT. 119

  • Hundreds of parts available for all your replacement needs

  • Don't have an A-1 fuel system? No problem. We carry parts compatible with all fuel system manufacturers

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