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Clean Air is Our Business

Alternative Fuels

Natural gas

Natural gas is the most widely used alternative fuel with tens of millions of vehicles in use. Natural gas vehicles run on either compressed natural gas or liquified natural gas. Fleet operators enjoy the stable prices and up to 40% lower fueling costs.


Liquid petroleum gas is the second most commonly used 

alternative fuel for vehicles. Like natural gas, fleet operators enjoy price stability while also seeing the benefits of easily accessible and low cost on-site fueling infrastructure.


Electric and hybrid electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent in the transportation industry. EVs produce no exhaust pipe emission, less maintenance is required, and reduce fuel costs dramatically. Hybrid vehicles have both an electric motor and a typical gasoline or diesel engine which can enhance miles per gallon.


Hydrogen is a relatively new alternative fuel source

undergoing significant research and development efforts. Hydrogen vehicles emit water as the only biproduct and have high expectations for long distance transport.

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